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Oh, Glee...

Rachel/Finn, you kind of failed this week. They're not my ship, but I can stand them when they aren't so annoying together. The insecurity in that relationship is just sad right now. (And just a note? Finn wouldn't pick Rachel over the football team when she asked. He wouldn't. Puck? Did it without her even asking him to.)

Liked the Britney songs by Glee much better than I ever liked them by Britney. And Lea's version of Only Exception was very pretty. Heather Morris, you are gorgeous and talented(though, in my opinion, not more so than Lea, but Brittany's new-found confidence was funny anyway)... why have you not been allowed to sing until now?

Artie doing Stronger? So great(him being on the football team seems very flawed, but whatever). Seriously, I've been listening to the songs from this ep all week, but seeing them performed is (usually) better.

Where was Puck? A line and a sexy little bartender moment and that was pretty much it? When the episode deals so much with sex, leaving him a thousand moments to come in and be the lovely gutter-brain we know he is? But there was a Santana/Rachel moment! And a Quinn/Rachel moment! So yay for that!

Uncle Jesse on Glee is a little weird. And Will, desperation like that doesn't look good on anyone(plus, don't perform songs like that with the kids. It makes you look like a dirty old man). Overall it was a good episode, but some things were just a little disappointing.

And next week? DO NOT HURT BURT. I love him. I love Kurt's dad more than Kurt. No taking him away. Excited about the music from that one, though.

Other than that, it's hot here. And kind of humid. These things put together means discomfort. Please don't be this hot this weekend. Spending the entire weekend outside when it's this hot will be a misery.
1) Holy crap it was hot yesterday!
2) The humidity isn't that bad. Then again, I did spent 4 years in FL...
3) According to some weather forecasts, it will be in the 90's through the's to hoping they're wrong.
Yesterday was hell! I think my brain melted and prevented me from functioning even semi-properly. And I guess the humidity wasn't awful, but there was humidity, and for here that just seems wrong. Or I'm just hot and whiny, lol.

No! Ugh, this weekend is October. Why the heat? Might die...

Also, hi! How's everything?
Okay, correction (because I actually woke up early enough to watch the news) 80-85 through the weekend. Definitely an improvement.

Things are well. Dealing with district paperwork so I can finally be hired. How about you, staying busy?
Yay! Very much looking forward to cooler weather. I don't want to melt!

Congratulations, that's awesome(not so much the paperwork part, but the getting hired part)! Do you know where you'll be/what grade you'll be working with?

I've been staying busy. I've barely been home in the past month, not gonna change until next week... basically went to Michigan with Heather, was home for a few days, went up to house-sit for Larie for a couple weeks, came home for a few days, now tomorrow I'm off to San Diego for a week to work for my sister. I'm not sure I like it when my own bed becomes a stranger to me. =P
I'll be at Markham Middle school teaching both 7th & 8th grade science. I visited the school yesterday, and from what I can tell, I will actually have the optimal number of students per class (20-25), which is clearly awesome.

The bed being a stranger is the downside to not being home. Once you're actually home for a while, let me know. This whole being anti-social thing is actually starting to feel out-of-character.
Seriously, if they hurt Burt Hummel I will be writing a STRONGLY worded letter! STRONGLY WORDED do you hear me Ryan Murphy?!?

I agree with pretty much everything you have said here, I think this has been my favourite episode since the start of the back-nine, it feels a lot more like oldschool Glee, Finn and Rachel do make me a little sad because wow there's just so much fear there, but in general the episode was both funny and awkward and the music was back up where I like it to be. Heather Morris is beeeeautiful, and awesome. :D

Yay Glee!!!

I know! Burt is such an amazing character, if they get rid of him I will seriously lose all my (shaky) confidence in Ryan! Hurting Burt is not okay!

I was a little worried cause I'm not really a Britney fan, but I liked it--how they did the music and yes, God, the awkward! I'm not even excited about them being together, but Rachel and Finn really need to find a safe place with each other or something so they aren't so sad. Heather Morris was even better than I'd expected her to be! And her dancing makes me so jealous, lol!
Burt should be like a protected species or something :)

I used to kind of be a britney fan, so I was looking forward to it in that nostalgic 12 year old girl kind of way, it lived up to my expecations. The way Lea did HMBOMT, with the overly tongue-y lipsynching made me seriously laugh out loud in my room by myself, that was something I always found hilarious about Ms. Spears.

Poor Finn and Rachel, they're not my ship, but I certainly hope, if only for their collective mental health that they sort themselves out.

ssssssoooooooooo jealous of Heather Morris. So Very Much.

Sorry I didn't reply earlier, it's been a crazy weekend, but...

I actually agree with the Rachel/Finn thing. I love Puckleberry, but I could deal with Finchel if the way their relationship was written was better. But yeah, when they get put together it just doesn't bring out the best in either of them. And it makes me sad.

Yes! I hope they won't just go back to her being a sort of minor character after last week. Please, more Brittany singing/speaking/dancing?

Ahhh, I'm so excited for this week's ep! 'Only the good die young' will turn me into a puddle of goo, too, so no worries. I love listening to the songs, but seeing them done on the show is even better!