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Who's the idiot who thought she was taking the driveway into the gas station but actually just went full over the curb? Yeah, that was me. My car must hate me. If my tires have air in them tomorrow morning I'll take that as a blessing. Usually I'm an okay driver but this... this is some driver hall of shame shit. So pissed at self right now.
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Today was kind of a blah day. I don't know why, I just felt strangely off all day. And I even got happy sports stuff going on--football season has officially begun again, YAY, and Bob Bryan won the mixed doubles US Open title. I should feel all around better than I do.

Tomorrow will be better, it will be. I will force it to be. I'm supposed to go over to Larie's to house-sit for the next two weeks while she's in Spain and Portugal. As long as there are no disasters at her place, I know that will be nice. Her place is a little out of the way for all the stuff I do(except for the library with the happy used book sale; I will be going there either tomorrow or Saturday and adding to my insanely large pile of books to read), but it's just so pretty. For a little while I get a house with a pool, hammock, and ocean view. Completely relaxing environment in which to tackle that pile of books, yes? Now if the weather would just cooperate, I'll be very happy.

Oops! I was supposed to put this here yesterday but I completely forgot. Knowing my flist you'll mostly ignore it, but anyway... those of you that wish to, fill out?

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Note to self...

Dear me,

Please step away from the computer. Stop hunting for prompts. You cannot allow watching tennis and writing drabbles take over your life. It simply is not healthy.

The part of you that's a little concerned with having a real life.
anna fighting words

home, yay!

I'm home! And still alive. Heather and I didn't get stranded/kill anyone/go to jail/pick up any random guys(it'll probably disappoint Helen, but what can you do?) on our drive to Michigan. We did, however, see lots of corn. Lots of corn.

Also included in the trip? A Twilight Zone-esque day that had us driving for 21 hours straight, a hotel with a freaking knight in the lobby, and a 2 hour struggle to force a couch into her apartment that probably was never meant to fit inside(we dented the refrigerator, broke the handle on the stove, and scraped the couch's side to hell, but we got it in and earned our A&W sundaes). It was interesting and exhausting. I was glad to come home, not so glad to be leaving my best friend behind.

Now, it's US Open time again! I also have much to catch up on, reading and writing-wise. So many thoughts racing through a tired head is not a good idea, but I just can't help myself...
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Disasters on Day 0

Today is evil. I'm going insane, so I must vent now. Warning: extreme bitchiness ahead. I'm sorry, it's been that kind of day.

Okay, so tomorrow Heather and I are leaving to drive out to Michigan for her school. California to Michigan? A super long drive. We're taking her truck with the smallest Uhaul trailer, which makes me kind of nervous to begin with because I've never driven pulling a trailer before and I'm kind of a "little car" person. Seriously, the trailer's probably the size of my Mustang, but I suppose I'll get used to it.

But we went to go get the trailer at noon, and we thought it would be a little thing because her mom already went yesterday to get the ball for the hitch. Except apparently the electrical hookup wasn't working, so the right blinker wasn't registering on the trailer, and you can't take it without that working. Now, Uhaul sells the wiring there, so you would think that they could hook it up for you, yes? NO. The guy who helped us was very nice but he was the ONLY guy there at the time working with customers, and he had no idea how to do it. There were other guys there who might have known how, but they were too busy hooking up security cameras so he couldn't even go ask them. He said we could go to the other Uhaul place down the road, that they were the bigger center and would definitely have guys who could do it, but we had him call and check just in case, and again, no. They had 2 guys working there and were swamped, and in any case neither of them knew how to set this shit up either.

Fail. Uhaul, you fail.

So we were directed to an auto parts store, where they handed us the wire but had no one who could possibly help fix it. And then they sent us to this trailer supply store. That looked promising. They charge 90 bucks an hour, which sucked, but the guy acted like he knew what he was doing, checking the connections, the currents, etc. Then he went into the fuse box and started checking stuff. Eventually he found that the fuse we needed was missing, and the lights worked, and the owner of the shop said he could charge us for the half hour instead of the base rate of 90 bucks like we were originally told. Yay. Except no.

Because we started the car and were about to drive off when Heather noticed the AC wasn't working. It was working when we pulled in. So we had the guy come back and look, and in the course of playing musical chairs with her fuses, he'd pulled out the one for the AC. He fixed that, and we started to leave again. Except THEN the airbag light was on. It wasn't before. He came out again, started playing with fuses... and ended with "I don't know why the light is on. Maybe it'll go off after a while."

Um, WTF? We know why it's on, asshole. It's because you were putting in/taking out fuses without paying a goddamn bit of attention. But we figured, whatever, this guy doesn't know what he's doing, we can fix it later. So we went back to Uhaul, which was by then a madhouse, and almost got backed into by some guy who wasn't looking where he was going at all. Finally got the trailer hooked up, pulled out, and realized that the speedometer wasn't working. Like, not registering at all. We're cruising down the street and it's resting on 0.

Oh, yeah. That'll work on our nearly cross-country trip. Seriously, dude, she paid your ass 45 bucks for this?

We haven't even left yet and all this has gone wrong. God, I hope we're getting all the shit out of the way now so everything else can go well once we're actually on our way because otherwise... death and destruction, dude. Death and destruction. And I'm legit scared.

PLUS, other bad stuff today. My weird sleeping positions have finally caught up with me because I've got a crick in my neck that will not go away and it makes any sort of turning or looking up really painful. I burned my mouth/lip eating a freaking sample piece of chicken at Panda Express. And John Isner sprained his ankle during his match this morning, less than 2 weeks from US Open time(this might not seem like it should traumatize me, but it DOES. I love my American tennis players. Sam's loss this morning hurts, too, but not as much as the injury).

Now I need to go make cookies for us to take with us, and if they end up burning? I will cry.

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anna fighting words

(no subject)

I was going to post... but now Heather's telling me I need to look up directions for our trip this week.

I prefer not to think about our trip. But damn it, she's giving me the look. FINE.
anna fighting words

Childish rants

Okay, so I broke down a little bit today. I knew it was coming, actually expected it to happen sooner(usually the tears come the day before a big family thing, a la Christmas a few years ago, or on the actual day), but it still sucked. And it annoys me that I can't even pinpoint what made me cry. I like knowing. I like being able to point at something that was done and think, Yes. That was the breaking point. Here, it was more an accumulation of things that eventually made me want to hurt someone, and the resulting frustration when I couldn't.

Yesterday wasn't even awful. I was coerced into playing cards with the Fluffies and dad, which gets irritating after a point because my dad likes to analyze plays and tell us what we did wrong. Then I made lunch for them(again not a surprise. You think my sister lifts a finger when there's someone else to do something?), but I just put on loud music so I that didn't even bother me. Eventually we came to my house, I finished painting Kathryn's room, we did dinner(which was fine even though my uncle forgot to get chicken so I had no main dish to eat), and watched fireworks. My dad almost blew off his hand with a show of the stupidity that I have begun to associate with 4th of July(he's like a kid around fireworks--lots of excitement but absolutely no common sense). But still, the only casualty of the night was his thumb nail.

Today I just didn't feel right. I can't explain it besides that. Part of it's the whole I can't sleep thing, which I seriously hope to remedy tonight. But my uncle is driving me nuts. He orders me and my mother around like we're here to do his bidding. Seriously, he made this whole "we have to clean out the garage" speech so my mom came over, and what does he do? Sleeps on the couch. Thanks, that's real productive.

And he smashed a bunch of my flowers. And he uses my food products, which would be fine if he told me before I was ready to use them in my cooking, but he doesn't. Worse, he uses Kathryn's stuff without asking, and I'm the one who gets to look like an ass when she asks me if I know where something is and he used/ate it.

Ugh, and then my mom gets really bitchy, and we fight. So we're not really talking right now, because I get pissed and she for some reason still feels the need to defend him even when she's pissed, too. And it bothers me that she tries to fix things that he's messed up. I don't want her to fix it, I want him to because it's his fault. If she replaces what he takes, it isn't right. That's probably childish and stubborn. I can't help it. I'm not always(often) proud of the way I act when I get angry.

On a random note, I'm pretty sure my uncle's girlfriend of the moment, Berna, is not human. Fluff and I took over the living room television last night(it's my house right now, damn it, and I was tired of NCIS reruns!) and and everyone watched the first 3 episodes of Glee, and Berna laughed once. Once! Even my uncles were amused, but her? One laugh. Uh, not human. Not. Even. Close.

One day I will write pleasant things in my journal. I only ever think to write down the I want to lock myself in a room with ice cream and never come out stuffPoor journal.
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anna fighting words

So not thrilled.

I think I'm going insane.

My uncle from Virginia is here visiting. By "visiting" I mean has returned for his one of his bi-annual trips back to California to check on his house(he moved away because of his job, but kept his home in Oxnard and plans to return for good... eventually) and... whatever else. See my mom and other uncle. Whatever.

Kathryn and I have been renting my grandparents' old house for almost 2 years. Part of the rental arrangement was that my uncle would stay at the house, which he owns a third of, when he comes back to visit. So he's here for 2 and a half weeks, which Kathryn and I aren't thrilled about, but fine. It was part of the agreement. Us living here's good all around, because they had no idea what to do with the house before it's fixed up enough to sell, and the rent we pay is much cheaper than anything else we could find around here but still covers the house taxes and gives them extra money for said repairs. So win-win.

Except that today my mom told me(my mom. Not my uncle, though she expressly told him it was up to him to do) that he's invited one of his friends(probably girlfriend, though with him it's hard to tell) to stay here. For a WEEK. Without telling anyone. It seemed he had no intention of doing so, as he's been here since Thursday and only mentioned it to my mom yesterday when he said something about going to Disneyland and she asked him if he was going by himself. It only makes me feel a little better that she bitched him out about it.

So, yes. Stranger in my house for a week starting Tuesday. Which means she will be here when we do our Fourth of July fireworks and food thing. And it means I get to explain to Kathryn that some weird woman is going to be living with us for a week, and try to make her okay with it even though I want to throw a brick at someone about it. I don't know how I'm going to be polite to this woman, with how much I resent the fact that she's going to be here. I want to go all Parent Trap on her ass and see how fast I can scare her to a hotel.

Yes, apparently I'm 12 years old now. This is not going to be good.

And it's just freaking inconsiderate. Even though he still stays here sometimes and he still owns part of the house, there are people living here now. It's not his to do whatever he pleases with when he comes back. And to arrange all of this without even mentioning it to anyone? It really pisses me off. I don't want some stranger in the house with me. I know Kathryn won't either, and I don't know what to say to her to make it seem okay. I don't like being around new people, and at home you're supposed to be comfortable and not have to worry about that shit.

I hate this. I hate that he's here(because he's made me so angry), I hate that she's coming, I hate that I can't accept it with any sort of grace or optimism. I want to just fast-forward to when they're both gone.
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