anna fighting words

We're the worst fairy godparents ever.

Davis Cup, you surprised me and ended up eating up much of my weekend, but I love you anyway. Can I marry the US Davis Cup team, please? Well, namely John Isner and(okay, fine, or) Sam Querrey I guess, since Mardy's married to a woman who seems perfectly lovely when she doesn't tan herself orange and Ryan Harrison is 18 and I have some morals, guys. Seriously. I DO.

Also, gave in and bought Season 2 of Leverage. That's eating up my weekend, too, in a happy way.

I will catch up on online-y things soon, I swear, but right now I need chocolate desperately. And there is none in the house. That should be illegal, but apparently it isn't. =(

Other things that are currently making me happy despite a very annoying headache? Getting to watch the Manning brothers showdown tonight and the fact that much exciting television is coming back this week! Yay!

Was there a point to this post? No, I don't really think so.
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Oh my God, wasn't it? I'm really happy the Colts won(they had me a little scared by their fantastically crappy defense performance last week), but I expected it to be a closer game.

Your Jets looked pretty good in their win over the Patriots, too. =)
I'm not a huge Giants fan so I was glad to see them lose, but I wish the score could have been a bit closer.

OMG I know! And my stepdad and brother were at the game! They offered to take me but I had a test on Monday so I thought I'd stay home and study. I love my boys but I seriously didn't think they'd beat the Patriots.
I know what you mean. Competitive games are always more fun to watch.

They got to go? I'm so jealous! LOL, and you deserve a medal for your self-control... when I was going to college in San Diego my dad and I always went to the Bronco-Charger games at Qualcomm, and half the time I had early classes the next day but just... hoped for the best. Tests are different, though. I hope it went well, at least?

And I kind of thought the Pats would win, too, but I'm glad they didn't! I'm not really a Brady fan. =P
Yeah they got to go. My stepdad is friends with a bunch of guys that know people because he was one of the foreman on the building of the New Meadowlands Stadium. (Something he loves to remind us of all the time).
If it was just class I would have so gone, but the test was important and I didn't do to bad on it so I can't complain to much.

I'm not a Tom Brady fan either. Frankly the guy creeps me out. Especially now. His new look is scary crazy.