anna fighting words

signs of life, better late than never

I like blah weather days—not bad, but not picture pretty and sunny, either. Overcast grey gloom is actually kind of my friend, if that makes any sense. Perhaps it's because we have so much picture pretty and sunny here that cloudiness becomes a welcome change? I think if I lived in a place of perpetual cloud cover I'd grow to hate it. Anyway, sitting here after a fairly blah weather day drinking yummy tea and writing makes me a happy camper.

Life lately has been the same, for better or worse. My phone is finally working again! (And now I'm crossing my fingers I didn't just jinx it, and that when I'll wake up it will still have a chargeable battery and all call-making capabilities) But seriously, I've got tea and chocolate, so I'm going to fast-forward through the usual bitching that happens when I post here.

I went to Disneyland this weekend with Fluffy because she was hiding from her father-in-law(and because she owed me a pass as part of my Oktoberfest payment), and we were reminded why we never go on weekends. Also, after looking at them and wondering should we or shouldn't we? for literally years, we bought some of their overpriced but adorable collecting/trading pins. Considering how obsessive Fluffy's personality is, I'm not sure this is a good idea...

I started watching Dr. Who at phoenix_oz's continued insistence. I've only seen the first two episodes of the first series so far, with the intention of watching another one or two with Kathryn tonight, but I do think I like it. The Doctor's reactions to his various life-threatening(okay, so given the way his life cycle progresses, this might not be the best phrasing, but I can't come up with something more fitting) situations is hilarious. I'm not as fond of Rose yet, but it's entirely possible that she'll grow on me. I did enjoy her leaving her douchy boyfriend behind. =)

Random new show I'm into after only one episode? Once Upon A Time. I guess this should have been a given because, hello, fairy tales come to lifebut still. I absolutely need to spend another hour a week in a fairy tale land, right?